Heidi Herman

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Ieda Jonasdottir Herman

Author, Event Speaker

Land of Fire and Ice - Legacy of Legends

She's always ready for the next Adventure! Heidi is a native of Illinois with a proud Scandinavian heritage.  Having an Icelandic mother, she grew up with stories of brave fishermen, mischievous trolls and adventurous Vikings. Heidi was inspired by her mother’s memoirs, moving business and technical writing to once again being immersed in the childhood fascination of legend, lore and imaginative stories.  She turned her focus to fiction writing, researching and modernizing Icelandic folk tales and stories from the Sagas.

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The Memoirs started it all.  The fantastic sharing of Stories growing up lead to several trips back to Iceland, each time with groups of children, grandchildren, cousins and friends.  Heidi started learning the folk tales and legends, eventually writing them down and publishing the stories.  Everyone wanted to hear more.  More about the amazing landscapes, the Viking history, the adventure and the culture - Ieda and Heidi are happy to share their many stories and adventures. 

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At 91, she's still on the run! Ieda graduated from the Chicago School of Interior Design and later the Institute of Children's Literature, in Connecticut.  She has written numerous articles for newspaper and magazines, and has conducted community college adult education seminars.  Her natural enthusiasm has energized seminars participants at libraries, schools, women's clubs, and community groups. After retiring in 2009, and with her family grown, Íeda wrote her memoirs, and has since continued to write and share stories about Iceland.

Born and raised in Iceland, Ieda instilled her love of life and adventure in each of her ten children.  The youngest, Heidi, has joined her on adventures in Iceland.  There, they have gone paragliding, hiking through the cave that inspired Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth, had a snowball fight on a glacier, ridden Icelandic horses through the mountains and explored famous sites from the Sagas like Snorri Sturlson's home (and site of his murder!)