Using photos and video, the trip starts in Reykjavik from the archeological dig of a Viking settlement to the vibrant city of today.  Using historical references, amazing natural photography and Ieda's memories of growing up, the culture comes alive.  Heidi's entertaining incorporation of the mythology and stories from the Sagas that tie to regions and towns bring the legends to life.

The culture and the fascinating history is brought to life through a tour of vibrant photographs and a presentation narrated by authors Heidi and Ieda Herman.  This is a fantastic interactive experience.  Can be presented in forum, panel group, or as guest speaker presentation.

Book signings available after presentation.

An Exciting Virtual Adventure! 

Experience Iceland

Embrace the Legends

This entertaining presentation is a virtual vacation to Iceland

Explore the History

Take a journey through Iceland, a land where legends come alive. This presentation blends together the images of the country with the recollection of growing up, modern day life in Iceland, and the legends and mythology that has been so prevalent from the Viking days through present-day. 

Land of Fire and Ice - Legacy of Legends